Drink Responsibly

 Please Drink Responsibly

At Wet ‘N Reckless we have instituted an unprecedented program against drunk driving.  Our most precious commodity (in addition to our beer), is our patrons, so we don’t want anything bad happening to them.   We will do whatever we can to prevent any driving while intoxicated.

If you are not feeling 100% and can’t afford a cab, Wet ‘N Reckless will do one of the following:

I will call you a cab and contribute to the fare and solicit other contributions from other patrons.

Or, allow you to hang out after I’ve stopped serving and drink coffee until you are feeling better.

Or, I will even drive you home myself when possible

And I ask my patrons to inform me if you notice any of the patrons are intoxicated so that I may do what I can to keep them safe.
Let’s work together to ensure that our roads are safe and we all get home in one piece.


Uber Partnership

We recently created a partnership with the company Uber, which is a car service with a phone app that’s really easy to use.   If you use the code WETNRECKLESS  your first ride is free, up to $20.   So, hopefully that, in addition to our above policy will keep everyone safe.