Our Beer

Brewing at Reckless Brewing Company is more art than craft and each new creation is part of the brewer expressed in delicious alcoholic goodness.   I am constantly trying new things and have discovered some very interesting combinations.  I don’t worry about conforming to beer styles, I just make beer. So, leave your prejudices at home and enjoy the damn beer!- Dave


There are always 11 taps going, but the lineup changes all the time.  I try to always keep the following “regulars”, which are the biggest favorites.   The others come and go as the mood strikes me.


The Regulars


Badger Don’t Care

It’s dark, but crisp.   You can sense the honey.   It’s just plain awesome.  10.5% ABV

Oral Pleasure

Very much like an IPA, but it’s not an ale.   It’s technically a California common, or steam beer.   So, it’s an IPS.   Dry hopped with Simcoe.     7.5 % ABV 93 IBU 90 IBU


Down and  Out Stout

Serious roastiness and chocolate flavor from both Roasted Barley and Black Patent Malt.  7% ABV

The Dude Abides Rye

Light and refreshing with a distinct rye flavor.    And if you don’t like that, well that’s just like your opinion, man   7.5% ABV

Golden Boy

A very distinct citrusy flavor comes through with this balanced IPA   7.5 % ABV 93 IBU


The Less Regulars


Applicious Ale

Like apple pie in a glass, but with alcohol in it.   Very delicious                5% ABV



Braveheart Scott-ish Ale

Flavored with heather and fermented with Scottish Ale yeast, this is similar to Scottish, but with artistic license taken by hopping it up just enough to make it more awesome   9% ABV

Crazy Stupid Bitch

At first you will be beguiled by an apparent sweetness and innocent amber color, but as soon as you are the slightest bit content you experience a bitterness that stings your very soul.  But, for some reason you’ll keep coming back for more of the same but you won’t know why.  5 % ABV 150 IBU


Harmless Fun  Wheat Beer

A wheat ale dry hopped with Citra hops.  7% ABV

Heaven’s Belge

It’s golden colored Belgian Style beer.   Mmmmm 8.6% ABV

Hell’s Belge

A dark, strong Belgian-styled ale.   Fruity and delicous.    10% ABV

Merlout  It’s stout!  It’s merlot!  It’s stout!  No it’s Merlot!   Imagine if Down and Out Stout and Merlot wine meant and had a baby.   You have to drink it to believe  10.4% ABV

More Cowbell

It’s a very interesting double IPA.   Liberally hopped with Summit hops including a good dry hopping, which gives it a peculiar grassy but enjoyable flavor that is different from most other IPAs.   Sometimes you just get a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell. 8.5% ABV


Ninja Delight  A mild pale ale infused with some Japanese Green tea.   Surprisingly refreshing and word has it it will improve your ninja skills.   mmmm                   5% ABV

Pineapple Paradise

A mild pale ale brewed with actual pineapple.   mmmm                                  5% ABV



Precious Endeavour  

A Belgian style with lots of raspberries.   7.3 % ABV


Sultry Black  

Black as the sky on a moonless night, crisp as a winter morning and just bitter enough to make it very interesting  .  6.8% ABV

Super Destroyer  

A dark, malty ale with a nice hop bite.   Maltiness primarily from Caramunich and Caravienne malts.   7.5 % ABV  90 ibu

Super Ridiculous Stout

It’s a double chocolate oatmeal milk imperial stout that’s fermented with Belgian ale yeast.   12.5  % ABV

Spicy Boy

It’s our IPA with a little taste of Jalepenos 7.3% ABV  65 IBU

Stay Classy San Diego

Let’s call it a double pale ale.  It’s got enough hops to be an IPA if it had less alcohol, but the maltiness and higher alcohol mutes the hops such that it’s just a nicely balancde beer with significantly more alcohol than your normal pale ale.   I don’t know how to say this, but it’s kind of a big deal.  8.5% ABV



Bold New Beers by Wet 'N Reckless Upside Brown     Our Nut Brown Ale.   The complexity of this delicious, drinkable brown ale will give you something to think about while drinking it   7.5% ABV

What’s All This, Then?A mild pale ale infused with Earl Grey Tea tea.   You can taste the distinctive bergamot from the tea.   Surprisingly refreshing.                          5% ABV



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