On Choosing

The quality of a beer, as with everything, is a matter of opinion.   You like what you like and you do not choose what you like.   It seems like an obvious point to me, but is contested by many.  At any given moment we are stuck with that we like.  If I put a glass of a beer you hate in front of you,  you will hate it.   You may choose to try to change what you like but that’s not the same thing as truly being able to simply choose what you like.

If I could choose what I liked, that means I could just decide if I like something.   So, I could decide that everything I eat is my favorite food at that moment and every beer I have is my favorite beer and every woman that would spend time with me would the most beautiful woman in the world to me.   Life would be an never ending festival of awesomeness.

So, alas that is, I think you will agree, not true.   We are stuck with our preferences

So, for that reason, we should not judge other people for what they like, for they have not chosen what they like.   And what you like defines what you want, and what you want defines what you do.   So we should not judge people by what they like, want or do, whether it is a drinking a beer or whether it’s anything.