The Reckless Beerocracy

Become a member of the Reckless Beerocracy! If you are able to consume 25 different Reckless Beers (at your leisure, not in one visit!) , you will be eligible to become a Reckless Knight and after a solemn and sacred knighting ceremony you will receive your coveted knight’s glass from which to drink your Reckless Beers and be henceforth known and addressed a Sir or Dame. If you are the knight with the most different Reckless beers consumed you will be the one and only Lord of Reckless. The Lord of Reckless drinks from the Lord’s Cup, but will remain lord only so long as he or she still deserves the honor.  But, it is never too late to start the process to being a Reckless Beerocrat and even some day become Lord or Reckless.