The Story of Beer


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Beer is Civilization

There is a theory among archeologists, anthropologists and zymurgists that civilization would not have developed if not for beer. You see, making beer requires grain. Grain requires agriculture. And agriculture requires staying in the same place. Prior to agriculture, humans were hunters and gatherers roaming the countryside. But, with agriculture they developed villages and towns and math and democracy and space travel. You see, beer is civilization, so have some respect.


What is beer, exactly?

Technically, beer is any beverage fermented from grain. But, there is so much more than that. You see there are numerous chemical and biological processes that contribute to making wonderful beers. For those who are interested, I will now expound-Yeast is a microorganism that makes alcohol and eats sugar. The more sugar you give it the more alcohol you will get.Malt is barley that has been partially germinated and then dried out. You take this malt and put it into hot water for a while and a biological reaction occurs that turns the complex starches in the barley into sugars. These are sugars that yeast can eat. You see, they are unable to eat the starch. This is called mashing.Then you take that mash and get the sweet liquid out of it and this is called wort (sounds like word but with a t on the end). When you boil the wort, you are brewing beer. You add hops to the brew which makes the beer bitter and gives it various flavors. You cool the wort and put it into a container and add some yeast and the yeast makes beer, delicious beer. I love yeast. It’s awesome.After the yeast eats up all the sugar and makes a bunch of alcohol, I put it into a keg and add some CO2 and voila’. Beer, delicious beer.
The end

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