Visit our tasting room

There’s only one place in the world you can get Reckless Brewing beer and it’s at the brewery where it’s made.

Beer is about having a good time and that’s what we are all about.   When you come to our tasting room it’s like we’re having a party and you are a guest.    There are games to play and it’s really easy to meet new people.

A tasting room as unique as our beers

We want you to come an enjoy the beer, but this is not some fancy schmancy tasting room with snobby people that don’t know how to enjoy themselves.   We want you to enjoy the different, and if I may say so myself, awesome beer, but we want you to enjoy yourself, too.   We have a dart board and even some board games, like cards against humanity.  We have comfortable chairs to just hang out and enjoy the beer with your friends that you bring with you or the friends you make at the tasting room.


Join Club Reckless!

Some people come to the tasting room frequently.  For them we have Club Reckless.   for a monthly charge of $24 you get 6 pints of beer during that month.  That’s a 33% discount.   And when you sign up for the club you get a free glass that you can label with your favorite nickname (funny and kind of profane is OK!) and you can leave it in the brewery and drink out of it whenever you come.

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